Mathematical Logic book cover

Mathematical Logic


Published: December 2001

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-50423-4


  • Preface.
    Alan Mathison Turing-Chronolgy.
    Preface to this volume.
    Part I Computability and Ordinal Logics.
    Historical Introduction (Solomon Feferman).
    1937 On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem (P.Lond.Math.Soc.(2)42,230-265).
    1937 A Correction(ibid:43,544-546).
    1937 Computability and &lgr;-definability (J.Symb.Log.2 153-163).
    1937 The p-function in &lgr;-K Conversion (J.Symb.Log.2,164).
    Turing texts.
    1938 Systems of Logic based on Ordinals (P.Lond.Math.Soc (2) 45,161-228).
    Preface(Solomon Feferman).
    Turing text.

    Part II Type Theory.
    General Introduction to Turing's work on Type Theory.
    Published Papers.
    1942 A Formal Theorem in Church's Theory of Types (with M.H.A.Newman). (J.Symb.Log.7).
    Turing-Newman text.
    1942 The Use of dots as Brackets in Church's System. (J.Symb.Log.7, 28-33).
    Turing text.
    1948 Practical Forms of Type Theory (J.Symb.Log.13, 80-94).
    Turing text.

    Unpublished papers.
    1941 Some Theorems about Church's System.
    1943-4 Practical Forms of Type Theory II.
    1944-5 The Reform of Mathematical Notation.

    Part III - Enigmas, Mysteries and Loose Ends.
    Turing's Treatise on the enigma.
    Preface (Andew Hodges).
    Excerpts from the "Enigma Paper".
    Turing's Papers on Programming.
    Preface (Martin Campbell-Kelly).
    Excerpts from original paper.
    Minimum Cost Sequential Analysis.
    Excerpt from unpublished manuscript.
    Commentary (Jack Good).
    The Nature of Turing and the Physical World(Andrew Hodges).
    Letter from Robin Gandy to Max Newman.
    Royal Society Memoir (Max Newman).
    Lists of contents of other volumes.
    Appendix:matters arising from other volumes.


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