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Mathematica by Example

Mathematica by Example, 4e is designed to introduce the Mathematica programming language to a wide audience. This is the ideal text for all scientific students, researchers, and programmers wishing to learn or deepen their understanding of Mathematica. The program is used to help professionals, researchers, scientists, students and instructors solve complex problems in a variety of fields, including biology, physics, and engineering.

Focuses on the beginning Mathematica user including instructors, students, professionals, engineers, physical scientists.

Appeals to a wide range of readers- applications to a variety of fields, especially biology, physics, and engineering

Step by step instructions for all mathematica implementations
Covers all the basics needed to get up and running with Mathematica

Fully compatible with Mathematica 6 (newest release June 2007)

Paperback, 576 Pages

Published: October 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374318-3


  • Preface1 Getting Started (Introduction to Mathematica) 2 Mathematical Operations on Numbers Expressions and Functions (Numerical Calculations and Built-In Functions; Expressions and FunctionsGraphing Functions, Expressions, and Equations, Exact and Approximate Solutions of Equations) 3 Calculus (Computing Limits, Differential Calculus, Implicit Differentiation, Integral Calculus, Series, Multi-Variable Calculus) 4 Introduction to Lists and Tables (Defining Lists, Operations on Lists, Other Applications) 5 Nested Lists: Matrices and Vectors (Nested Lists: Introduction to Matrices, Vectors, and Matrix Operations, Linear Systems of Equations, Selected Topics from Linear Algebra, Maxima and Minima Using Linear Programming, Vector Calculus)6 Applications Related to Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations, Higher-Order Ordinary Differential Equations, Using the Laplace Transform to Solve Ordinary Differential Equations, Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, Some Partial Differential Equations)


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