Materials Science in Microelectronics I book cover

Materials Science in Microelectronics I

The Relationships Between Thin Film Processing & Structure

Thin films play a key role in the material science of microelectronics, and the subject matter of thin-films divides naturally into two headings: processing / structure relationship, and structure / properties relationship.The first volume of Materials Science in Microelectronics focuses on the first relationship – that between processing and the structure of the thin-film. The state of the thin film’s surface during the period that one monolayer exists - before being buried in the next layer – determines the ultimate structure of the thin film, and thus its properties. This volume takes into consideration the following potential influencing factors: crystal defects, void structure, grain structure, interface structure in epitaxial films, the structure of amorphous films, and reaction-induced structure.An ideal text or reference work for students and researchers in material science, who need to learn the basics of thin films.

Materials Science postgraduate students and researchers with an interest in thin films.

Hardbound, 270 Pages

Published: September 2005

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044640-0


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