Materials Handling Technologies Used at Hazardous Waste Sites book cover

Materials Handling Technologies Used at Hazardous Waste Sites

Compiles information on materials-handling equipment and techniques that have been implemented throughout the US and Europe. Summarizes the types of debris, material and contaminants found at Superfund and other hazardous waste sites and the equipment and general procedures used to perform site remediation, restoration and/or cleanup.

Hazardous waste site remediation and restoration firms and government agencies.

Hardbound, 224 Pages

Published: December 1992

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1299-8


  • 1. Introduction2. Conclusions3. Recommendations4. Site Characterization Contaminant Profile Debris/Materials Found at Hazardous Waste Sites Equipment Used at Hazardous Waste Sites Equipment Availability5. Materials Handling Equipment and Procedures Excavation and Removal Dredging Pumping Size and Volume Reduction Separation and Dewatering Conveying Systems Storage Containers, Bulking Tanks, and Containment Compaction Miscellaneous Equipment and Procedures Drum Handling and Removal Asbestos Remediation Emission Control Low-Level Radioactive Waste Equipment Decontamination6. Foreign Contacts7. Case StudiesReferencesBibliographyAppendix A: Frequency of Occurrence of Contaminants at 1035 Superfund SitesAppendix B: Debris/Materials CategorizationAppendix C: Debris/Materials Characterization for 100 Hazardous Waste SitesAppendix D: Equipment Used at 100 Hazardous Waste SitesAppendix E: Debris/Material Handling Overview for 67 Hazardous Waste SitesAppendix F: Equipment Costs for Hazardous Waste WorkAppendix G: Equipment DescriptionsGlossaryAcronyms/Abbreviations


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