Materials for Automobile Bodies


  • Geoffrey Davies, Fellow Institute of Materials MSc University of Oxford, Materials consultant and former head of body materials selection at BMW (UK)

The selection of automobile body materials is fundamental to the choice of fabrication method, and the characteristics and performance of the final vehicle or component. The factors behind these choices comprise some of the key technological and design issues facing automotive engineers today.

Materials for Automobile Bodies brings together a wealth of information on automotive materials and material technologies to provide designers and vehicle body engineers with both a solid grounding and a quick reference to inform their material choices. Coverage includes materials processing, formability, welding and joining, anti-corrosion technologies, plus a comprehensive consideration of the implications of materials selection on these processes.

Dealing with the whole assembly process from raw material to production, right through to recycling at the end of a vehicle's life, this book is the essential resource for practising engineers, designers, analysts and students involved in the design and specification of motor vehicle bodies and components.

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Automotive engineers; Design engineers, materials specialists and production supervisors seeking a quick, easy to read reference to inform the automotive material decision process; Graduate students of automotive/ mechanical design and materials science.


Book information

  • Published: March 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-096979-4


"Overall…an excellent book.  I would have no hesitation recommending it to those studying automotive engineering or automotive materials, as well as engineers in the early stages of their careers in body engineering, materials and manufacturing roles."--Materials World February 2013, page 52

Table of Contents

About the author
1 Introduction
2 Design and material utilization
3 Materials for consideration and use in automotive body structures
4 The role of demonstration, concept and competition cars
5 Component manufacture
6 Component assembly: materials joining technology
7 Corrosion and protection of the automotive structure
8 Environmental considerations
9 Future trends in automotive body materials