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Materials ebook Collection

Ultimate CD

Materials ebook Collection contains 5 of our best-selling titles, providing the ultimate reference for every materials and manufacturing professional’s library. Get access to over 3500 pages of reference material, at a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books. This CD contains the complete ebooks of the following 5 titles:Messler, Joining of Materials & Structures, 9780750677578 Surya Patnaik, Strength of Materials, 9780750674027 Smallman and Ngan, Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials, 9780750669061 Rajiv Asthana, Materials Process & Manufacturing Science, 9780750677165 Caroline Baillie, Navigating the Materials World, 9780120735518

Professionals and engineers in manufacturing, applied materials, materials science, industrial arts, and engineering technology

CD-ROM, 3683 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-561-6


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