Materials and Innovative Product Development

Using Common Sense


  • Gernot Gessinger

Innovation in product design starts with materials. Developing successful commercial products demands a sound understanding of the materials that go into those products—their uses, their costs, their lifetime performance. However, the valuable knowledge of materials engineers is often not fully leveraged in the creative phase of the product design cycle. Gessinger seeks to bridge this gap that exists in many companies.

Written from the bottom-up perspective of the engineer or scientist on a product design team, Materials and Innovative Product Design introduces business, economics and strategic product development to the materials specialist and demystifies materials selection for other members of the design team and manufacturing management. Using case studies from innovative organizations, such as ABB, and successful start-ups, such as NDC, Day4Energy, and Metoxit, Gessinger illustrates how the integration of different engineering and business disciplines can power innovation in the design process. By addressing the real world needs of innovators, this book allows the reader to unlock the potential of the new material types that have been changing the face of product design and deploy an integrated business approach to materials selection and the design process.

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Material Engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, physicists, electrical and electronics engineers, industrial engineers


Book information

  • Published: July 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-559-3

Table of Contents

Introduction, Things you need to know about a company, Waking up:Cost analysis & Investment, the human factor in management, innovation and diversification (including Case Studies), Innovation Barriers in small, medium and large companies (including Case Studies), Case Studies in Materials R&D, Appendices