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Materials and Design

The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design

Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design, Second Edition, discusses the role of materials and processes in product design. The book focuses on the materials that designers need, as well as on how and why they use them. The book’s 10 chapters cover topics such as function and personality, factors influencing product design, the design process, materials selection, and case studies in materials and design. Appendices for each chapter provide exercises for readers, along with detailed charts of technical attributes of different materials for reference. This book will be particularly useful to both students and working designers. Students are introduced to the role of materials in manufacturing and design, with the help of familiar language and concepts. Working designers can use the book as a reference source for materials and manufacturing.

Materials Engineers & Students, Product & Industrial Design Professionals and Students


Published: October 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-497-8


  • From the first edition: 

    "Both interesting and intriguing, this book should prove a valuable resource for those starting out in design or is also fun to browse through." - Science Magazine, June 2003

    "It is not often that I find it difficult to stop reading a book ... the word inspirational is used in various parts of (this) book -- and how appropriate this word is to this textbook ... For both students and designers, Materials & Design is a gold mine. In short, I thoroughly recommend this book" - Building Engineer, May 2003


  • Ten Chapters

    Chapter 1· Function and Personality

    Chapter 2· What Influences Product Design?

    Chapter 3· Design and Designing

    Chapter 4· The Stuff… Multi-dimensional Materials

    Chapter 5· Other Stuff… Shaping, Joining and Surfaces

    Chapter 6· Form Follows Material

    Chapter 7· A Structure for Material Selection

    Chapter 8· Case Studies in Materials and Design

    Chapter 9· New Materials - The Potential for Innovation

    Chapter 10· Conclusions


    Exercises for the Eye and Mind

    Selected Material Maps

    A Practical Reference for Inspiration

    Material Profiles

    Shaping Profiles

    Joining Profiles

    Surface Profiles



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