Mastering Healthcare Terminology - Spiral Bound book cover

Mastering Healthcare Terminology - Spiral Bound

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in class and on the job with this popular, hands-on introduction to medical language! Mastering Healthcare Terminology, 4th Edition is a fun, engaging first step on your journey toward a successful healthcare career. Organized by body system, each chapter presents terms and definitions in small, easy-to-follow learning segments, followed by exercises and review questions that test your understanding. Apply your knowledge using realistic case studies and patient records, or take your learning beyond the book with interactive games and exercises on the companion website.


Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09660-7


    1. Introduction
    2. Body Structure and Directional Terminology
    3. Musculoskeletal System
    4. Integumentary System
    5. Gastrointestinal System
    6. Urinary System
    7. Male Reproductive System
    8. Femal Reproductive System and Pregnancy
    9. Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems
    10. Cardiovascular System
    11. Respiratory System
    12. Nervous System
    13. Mental and Behavioral Health
    14. Special Senses: Eye and Ear
    15. Endocrine System
    16. Oncology


    1. Word Parts and Definitions
    2. Definitions and Word Parts
    3. Abbreviations
    4. English-to-Spanish Translations


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