Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice book cover

Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice

Caters for marine engineer candidates for Department of Transport Certification as Marine Engineer Class One and Class Two. It covers the various items of ships' electrical equipment and explains operating principles.David McGeorge is a former lecturer in Marine Engineering at the College of Maritime Studies, Warsash, Southampton. He is the author of General Engineering Knowledge.

Marine engineers

Paperback, 168 Pages

Published: June 1993

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-1647-8


  • CONTENTS INCLUDE; Preface; Batteries and emergency systems; Electronic equipment; A.C. alternators; A.C. switchboards and distribution systems; A.C. motors; D.C. generators; D.C. switchboards and distribution systems; D.C. motors; Safe electrical equipment for hazardous areas; Shaft-driven generators; Electric propulsion; Miscellaneous items; Index.


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