Elements of Physical Oceanography book cover

Elements of Physical Oceanography

A derivative of the Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences

Marine Ecological Processes is a derivative of the Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, 2nd Edition and serves as an important reference on current knowledge and expertise in one convenient and accessible source. The selected articles—all written by experts in their field—focus on ecosystem structure, ecological processes, and the forcing of these systems by external stresses, principally climate and fisheries related. Marine Ecological Processes serves as an ideal reference for topical research.

professionals, researchers, and graduate students in the marine sciences

Paperback, 647 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-08-096488-1


  • Introduction, 1. Ecosystem structure, 2. Coastal Regimes, 3. Food web processes, 4. Climate Impacts, 5. Fisheries, 6. Mariculture, 7. Methods of analysis, 8. Ecological Models, Appendices


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