Marihuana: Biological Effects book cover

Marihuana: Biological Effects

Analysis, Metabolism, Cellular Responses, Reproduction and Brain

A comprehensive review of the effects of cannabinoids on cellular metabolism, reproduction and brain function, containing 50 contributions written by the leading researchers in the field. For the first time the drug is shown to have marked effects on a whole host of cellular and bodily functions at dosages found in those taking marihuana on a regular basis

Included in series
Advances in the Biosciences


Published: October 1979

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-023759-6


  • Preface - Cannabis and alcohol: the red and the green, F. Rosenthal

    Introduction - Marihuana and membranes, G. Nahas

    Quantification of cannabinoids and their metabolites in body fluids and tissues: pharmacokinetics - 10 contributions

    Cannabinoids and cellular metabolism - 19 contributions

    Cannabis and reproduction - 19 contributions

    Cannabis and the brain - 15 contributions

    Concluding summary, W.D. Paton


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