Manual of Surgical Pathology book cover

Manual of Surgical Pathology

Here's complete, practical guidance on the evaluation of the surgical pathology specimen, from its arrival in the department to preparation of the final report. Inside, readers will find step-by-step instructions on specimen processing, tissue handling, gross dissection technique, histological examination, application of special stains, development of a differential diagnosis, and more. This thoroughly revised New Edition integrates cutting-edge techniques as well as the latest staging and classification information.

Pathologists and Residents, Pathology Assistants and Health Science Libraries


Published: September 2005

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-443-06645-0


  • "This book, especially with its reasonable price, is a must for every surgical lab. Moreover, it is an excellent reference book full of information that is otherwise hard to find, but which every pathologist would like within easy reach at certain critical moments."-International Journal of Gynecologic Pathology

    "The first edition (2000) grew out of a procedure manual prepared at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital—a collaborative effort involving the expertise of staff, residents, and assistants; the handbook has evolved at that institution over the years, and pathologist Susan Lester undertook preparation of this second edition. In her preface she specifies that the manual is intended as a guide rather than a prescription, because cases and procedures vary from institution to institution. Coverage includes
    step-by-step instruction for the gross examination and processing of pathology spcimens, check lists for each major tumor type, current recommended criteria for tumor grading, discussions of frozen section diagnosis, injury prevention, and basic microscopic techniques. Approximately 150 tables support the text." -- SciTech Book News, March 2006


  • 1. Requests for Pathologic Specimens

    2. Specimen Processing: From Gross Specimens to Tissue Cassettes

    3. The Histology Laboratory

    4. The Surgical Pathology Report

    5. Consultation Reports

    6. Operating Room Consultations

    7. Special Studies

    8. Safety Precautions

    9. Microscopy and Photography

    10. Adrenal Glands

    11. Amputations and Large Resections

    12. Biopsies, Small

    13. Bones and Joints

    14. Breast

    15. Bullets

    16. Cardiovascular Specimens

    17. Cytology Specimens

    18. Dermatopathology

    19. Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary, and Pancreatic Specimens

    20. Genitourinary Specimens

    21. Gross Examination

    22. Gynecologic and Perinatal Pathology

    23. Head and Neck

    24. Hernia Sac

    25. Larynx

    26. Lung and Pleura

    27. Lymph Nodes, Spleen, and Bone Marrow

    28. Medical Devices and Foreign Materials

    29. Neuropathology

    30. Paraganglioma

    31. Penis

    32. Soft issue Tumors (Sarcomas)

    33. Thymus

    34. Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

    35. Frequent Errors and Pitfalls in Specimen Processing


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