Managing Smart

325 high-performance tips every manager must know


  • Lynne Milgram, M.D., MBA, Lynne Milgram, M.D., MBA, is an experienced manager at national health plans and medical groups.
  • Alan Spector, Ph.D., M.D., Alan Spector, Ph.D., M.D., MBA, has spent 20 years in hospital management and private practice.
  • Matt Treger, Matthew Treger, MBA, is a San Diego-based management consultant.

'Managing Smart' examines the challenges facing today's management and provides fast, practical answers for solving common workplace situations. It presents step-by-step instructions for mastering more than 300 key real-world management tasks.This condensed business guide includes information on: * Leadership techniques * Labor management * Strategic planning * Time management * Marketing and sales techniques * Career development * Key business concepts * Management tools * Information systemsAmong many other management topics, 'Managing Smart' also shows you how to: * Set project goals and priorities * Increase efficiency * Comply with employment and labor benefits * Manage financesManagement professionals and novices alike will improve their effectiveness, skills, and knowledge with these concise reference tips.
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Book information

  • Published: June 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-88415-752-6

Table of Contents

Concepts; Theories; Resources; Management tools; Key business concepts; Information systems; Marketing and sales; Safety; Resource management; Growth and change management; Global environment; Strategy and decision making; Personal and career development; Managing teams; Time management; Negotiations; Quality management; Human resources; Training; Evaluations and reviews; Disciplining and firing; The personal side; Employee benefits; Labor management; Landmines; Communication methods; Presentations; Communications with employees; Meetings; Managing conflicts; Leadership; Delegating and motivating; Internal policies; Government policies; Other legal issues; Financial concepts; Financial analysis; Family businesses.