Managing Microsoft's Remote Installation Services


  • Soren Rasmussen, Chief IT Specialist, employed at IBM Global Services, Microsoft Technical services. Educated as Trainee at IBM, certified in several Microsoft products, inlcuding the Windows Server Platform and Microsoft Exchange Server. Today works as a specialist consultant for smaller and larger businesses providing services in Exchange, Windows, Active Directory design and RIS.
  • Michael Iversen, Advisory IT Specialist, employed at IBM Global Services, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCDBA and MCT in Microsoft technologies. Working as a Microsoft specialist at IBM for large companies, provided services in migration, installation and configurations for customers.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT: The authors have been working with Remote Installation Services since its birth in 1999. We are really enthusiastic about working with it. From their experiences from very different customers with very different requirements to their Windows infrastructure environment, they have gained a tremendous deal of experience and in-depth knowledge with Remote Installation Services that other people can benefit from. This includes basic understanding, a lot of theory and best-practices, but also how you can stretch Remote Installation Services to really do what any system or network administrator would require. This information is essential for anyone wishing to implement Remote Installation Services and use the advanced features and tools it contains. There is much more than up grades, adding and deleting programs from a central administrator that can be done In addition it can save the cost adding a costly third party software package like Alteris to the enterprise network. This is the reason that the authors are now gathering all the experience and knowledge, and focusing on forming a single point of entry to everything you must know about Remote Installation Services in form of a book. Note based on my (TRS) and reviewers comments the book will be over 320 pages as authors ad numerous consulting client examples and illustrations UNIQUE FEATURE: Book is excellent companion to Windows and Exchange series and WMI books by Lissoir: Authors are top quality IBM Consultants
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Primary audience:Network Administrators, IT Specialists, Support Specialists and IT ConsultantsSecondary audience: Managers, Server Operators, IT-Supporters, MCSE and MCP students


Book information

  • Published: July 2005
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-337-8

Table of Contents

1. Foreword2. Concepts of Deployment3. Installing RIS server4. Slipstreaming5. Client installation6. RBFG (Remote boot floppy generator) 7. Setup Manager8. Using RIPrep9. Verifying the RIPrep image10. Prestaing11. Move and Backup of RIS servers12. RIS Group Policy13. Creating and understanding the $OEM$ structure14. Driver inclusion15. Deploying files and software16. The answer file17. Understanding and identifying devices and drivers18. Deploying Microsoft Office 2003