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Managing Innovation

New Technology, New Products, and New Services in a Global Economy

Managing Innovation: New Technology, New Products, and New Services in a Global Economy, 2nd Edition is devoted to providing a better understanding and better management of all of the causes and consequences of change that have technological implications in and around our global organizations. This text is a unique, original contribution and represents a significant alternative to the collection of chapters written by others. The second edition has new cases with a few classics from the first edition that have been retained in response to reader feedback. The key subjects that are included have been significantly updated and treated in greater depth. The number of chapters has been reduced from 12 to 10 so it is easy to adapt to almost any course or training on the subject in any discipline or to any audience. This exceptionally informative book provides a broad perspective on how technological change can be effectively managed in modern organizations. The text explains the conceptual frameworks supported by new and original case studies for start-up companies like, the complex challenges of managing international technology-based companies like NexPress (a joint venture of Kodak and Heidelberg) in the digital printing industry, and corporate sustainability using innovative new product technologies illustrated by the case of Evinrude’s launch of the E-tec® outboard motor.John E. Ettlie's three decades in the field of innovation as an instructor and researcher bring an exceptional perspective to this subject. His text is unique in its discussion of how technology has transformed the service sector. Few books on technology make the distinction between new offerings in manufacturing and the service sector which is emphasized in this text.

MBA, MSc in Operations and Technology Policy, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation


Published: April 2006

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7895-7


  • "Ettlie's most important contribution is his grasp of both product and process innovation and his simultaneous understand of organizational change. He is the only scholar I know who can write about R&D in one sentence and then link this to operations management in the next. Change agents in particular will have use for this book because technological innovation, such as the diffusion and implementation of NC machine tools to take an example, is not possible to understand well without also understanding how the introduction of NC machines changed the roles and responsibilities of machine tool operators, shop floor engineers, and product development engineers. Change agents are saddled with the responsibility of changing behaviors of people in organizations, structures, reallocating responsibilities and chains of command. Understanding how to effectively do so is a gigantic task. Change agents will find this book an excellent source of useful tips and a broad take on how their job is positioned within society." -Thomas Astebro, Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto "This is an exceptionally informative book providing a broad perspective of how technological change can be effectively managed in modern organizations. The book provides useful conceptual frameworks and lucidly explains them through very interesting examples." -- Mohan Subramaniam, Associate Professor, Operations and Strategic Management Department, Carroll School of Management, Boston College "Ettlie has been in the field of innovation for more than two decades, and his thoughts have been evolving. Hence his second edition is refreshing. What I found most instructive is his appreciation of the power of technology to transform the service sector. Few books on technology make the intellectual connections to the service sector. Indeed in the advanced economies, the service sector may be much more economically important than the manufacturing sector. I also note with admiration Etllie’s efforts to examine the Information Technoolg0oy sector. If you want to look at a book on technology that is suited for the advanced economies, this is it." -- V.K. Narayanan, Stubbs Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Associate Dean for Research, Le Bow College of Business, Drexel University


  • Getting started with innovation; Technological innovation; Theories of innovation; Strategy and innovation; The innovation process unfolds; R&D Management; Economic justification and innovation; New products and new services; New processes and information technology; The context of innovating and futures; Public policy; Globalizing change; Managing future technologies.


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