Managing Banking Relationships book cover

Managing Banking Relationships

Managing Banking Relationships is the first publication to look at the principles and practice governing relationships between businesses and their bankers. This book examines the services provided by banks to their corporate clients, and looks at the establishment, maintenance, review and, if necessary, termination of the resulting relationships.

Managing Banking Relationships shows how to build and maintain effective modern banking relationships which are based on flexability, mutual interest and trust. It presents the key aspects to good relationships that are profitable to both sides and also illustrates how to select a bank and review the subsequent relationship.

With contributions from leading figures from the banking and corporate treasury community this book is invaluable to corporate treasurers, finance directors, bankers and the financial advisory community.

Corporate treasurers, finance directors, bankers, and the financial advisory community

Hardbound, 160 Pages

Published: January 1997

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-326-8


  • On banks; Relationships in commercial banking; Relationships in investment banking; Legal and regulatory aspects of banking; The place of banking relationships in corporate strategy; Developing banking relationships: The corporate viewpoint; The place of corporate relationships in bank strategy; Developing corporate relationships: The bank viewpoint; Maintaining and reviewing banking relationships: Case studies; Ending a relationship; Looking ahead.


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