Management of Violence and Aggression book cover

Management of Violence and Aggression

A Manual for Nurses and Health Care Workers

An extremely practical book that offers methods of prevention and management strategies, and provides a comprehensive view of the problem of violence and aggression from patients/clients. This book, based on sound research, is cleverly structured so that the notion of violence becomes more explicit with each succeeding chapter, until finally the violent outburst arrives. This innovative book explores a topical, vital subject that appeals to a variety of nurses and other professionals.

Paperback, 288 Pages

Published: March 1999

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-05934-6


  • Section 1: General Overview of Violence and Aggression
    The Dynamic of Violence and Aggression
    Phases of Violence and Aggression
    Section 2: Options Available in the Phases of Violence and Aggression
    Phase 1: Phase of Relative Normality
    Observation, Surveillance and Diversionary Techniques
    Resources and Staffing
    Phase 2: Phase of Pre-Aggression.
    Intervention Modalities and Models
    Controlling Measures and Management
    Phase 3: Phase of Attack
    Isolation Techniques
    Physical Restraint
    Mechanical Control
    Chemical Control
    Section 3: Corollaries of Violence and Aggression
    Serious Situations
    Injuries, Job Stress and Burnout
    Learning from Experience


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