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Management by Process

A practical road-map to sustainable Business Process Management

Business Processes are one of the critical drivers for any organisation in realizing their organizational strategic objectives. This means that management must constantly review and realign organizational processes to reflect the massively unfixed nature of business demands, such as changing market circumstances; the changing demands of new customer and existing customers; new products and pricing; changes in strategy; and linking processes to new partners and suppliers. Establishing and maintaining a process-focused organization is critical as organizations are pressured to keep achieving further growth and profitability, preferably in double digits, whilst the avenues available for achieving this growth are getting more and more restricted due to legislation, global competition and saturation in the market place.This highly accessible book provides a clear and thorough exposition of the six key dimensions necessary for the creation of a process-focused organization: * process governance * strategic alignment * methods (execution/implementation) * people * culture * technology.Each of these critical Dimensions are given a systematic and revealing treatment, examining each Dimension in terms of: * Importance * Key trends in this area * Elements that comprise the dimension * Detailed description of the elements that comprise the ideal or visionary position * Road map of how to get there from various starting positions.

Senior business executives and business line managers, Process directors and project managers, Chief Process Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technical Officers , Business and IT managers.Secondary market for students studying Business Process Management.


Published: April 2008

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8761-4


  • Table of ContentsContributorsForewordPrefaceAcknowledgementsHow to read this bookPart I Overview and case studiesChapter 1 Importance of business processesChapter 2 Case studies: Introduction Citibank Germany Nedbank South AfricaWealth management organizationAveant Home CarePart II Management by Process: A roadmap to sustainable BPMChapter 3 IntroductionChapter 4 Process leadershipChapter 5 Process governanceChapter 6 Process performanceChapter 7 Strategic alignmentChapter 8 People capabilityChapter 9 Project executionChapter 10 Future of BPMPart III AppendicesAppendix A: Process leadershipAppendix B: Process governanceAppendix C: People capabilityAppendix D: TechnologyReferences and bibliographyIndex


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