Management Accounting and Strategic Human Resource Management book cover

Management Accounting and Strategic Human Resource Management

This research report investigates the role of management accounting (MA) in relation to strategic human resource management (SHRM). The two main objectives of the report were:1. The existing MA information provided within the context of the SHRM process.2. Managers' and accountants' views on what role MA information could play in SHRM in future.Includes in-depth case studies of four leading-edge companies (Royal Mail, Canada Post Corporation, TDG plc, Weycan). In summary the four case studies show that management accountants contribute in many different ways to SHRM such as:Providing information for SHRM planningAnalysing HR strategiesProviding information for HR decision-makingMeasuring HR performance (financial and non-financial)BenchmarkingReporting HR performance

Management accountants, HR executives

Paperback, 100 Pages

Published: June 2001

Imprint: Cima Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85971-486-7


  • Executive Summary; Introduction; Literature Review; Introduction to the Case Studies; Case Study No. 1: Royal Mail; Case Study No. 2: Canada Post Corporation; Case Study No. 3: TDG plc; Case Study No 4. Weycan; Conclusions; References.


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