Magneto-Resistive and Spin Valve Heads

Fundamentals and Applications


  • John Mallinson, Mallinson Magnetics, Inc., California, U.S.A.

This book is aims to be a comprehensive source on the physics and engineering of magneto-resistive heads. Most of the material is presented in a nonmathematical manner to make it more digestible for researchers, students, developers, and engineers.In addition to revising and updating material available in the first edition, Mallinson has added nine new chapters dealing with various aspects concerning spin valves, the electron spin tunneling effect, the electrostatic discharge effects, read amplifiers, and signal-to-noise ratios, making this a completely up-to-date reference.The previous edition of Magneto-Resistive Heads was the first volume in the new Academic Press series in Electromagnetism edited by Professor Isaak Mayergoyz, who is a well-recognized expert in the field.
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Electrical engineering students and individuals working in the recording and information storage industries.


Book information

  • Published: September 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-466627-6


"This book is particularly valuable for its discussions. With his very good feeling (or better formulated: experience), John Mallinson consistently finds a good balance between evaluating or presenting equations and discussing relationships, methods and schemes for different applications. In addition, this book is very readable and never dull, and, therefore, highly recommmendable! READ-WRITE 96-27

Table of Contents

Preface1. B, H, and M Fields2. The Writing Process3. The Reading Process4. The Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive Effect5. The Giant Magneto-Resistive Effect6. Vertical Biasing Techniques7. Horizontal Biasing Techniques8. Hunt's Unshielded Horizontal and Vertical Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive Heads9. Single-Element Shielded Vertical Magneto-Resistive Heads10. Simple Spin Valve Giant Magneto-Resistive Heads11. Enhanced Spin Valves12. Synthetic Antiferro- and Ferrimagnets13. Antiferromagnet Upsets14. Flux-Guide and Yoke-Type Magneto-Resistive Heads15. Double-Element Magneto-Resistive Heads16. Comparison of Shielded Magneto-Resistive Head and Inductive Head Outputs17. Simplified Design of a Shielded Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive Head18. Simplified Design of a Shielded Giant Magneto-Resistive Head19. Read Amplifiers and Signal-to-Noise Ratios20. Colossal Magneto-Resistance and Electron Spin Tunneling Heads21. Electrostatic Discharge PhenomenaAppendix: Cgs-emu and MKS-SI (Rationalized) UnitsRecommended Bibliography on Magnetic RecordingIndex