Magnetic Bearings and Bearingless Drives


  • Akira Chiba
  • Tadashi Fukao
  • Osamu Ichikawa
  • Masahide Oshima
  • Masatugu Takemoto, Tokyo University of Science and Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan
  • David Dorrell, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK

The application of bearingless drives is emerging as an important technique in the areas of high-speed machinery and motion-control, and this book aims to provide a thorough grounding in the principles behind this cutting-edge technology. Basic principles are described in detail with practical examples to aid understanding, and the different types of bearingless drives are introduced, along with coverage of test machines and applications.Aimed at practising electrical and mechanical engineers and advanced students, Magnetic Bearings and Bearingless Drives provides an essential guide to an area of engineering previously only fully covered by large numbers of academic papers.
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Electrical, mechanical, and production engineers, researchers and managers working in bearingless motors, magnetic bearings, magnetic levitation, factory automation, and high-speed machinery. Sectors: nuclear processing, food industry, oil-free machinery, aerospace equipment and others.Academic: postgraduate students and research community.


Book information

  • Published: March 2005
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5727-3

Table of Contents

Introduction; Electro-magnetics and Mathematical Model of Magnetic; Magnetic bearing controllers; Mechanical Dynamics; Power Electronics Circuits for Magnetic Bearings; Primitive Model and control strategy of bearingless motors; Analysis in rotational coordinates and magnetic suspension strategy for bearingless drives with 4-pole and 2-pole windings; Field Orientation, VA requirement and magnetic saturation; Cylindrical Permanent Magnet Synchronous Bearingless Motors; Inset-type Permanent Magnet Bearingless Motors; Buried Permanent Magnet Bearingless Motors; Synchronous Reluctance Bearingless Motors; Bearingless Induction Motors; Homopolar, Hybrid and Consequent-pole Bearingless Motors; Switched Reluctance Bearingless Motors; Winding Arrangement Variations; Mechanical Structure and Position Regulation; Displacement Sensors and Sensorless operation; Controllers and Power Electronics; Design Procedure and examples; Applications and test machines; Appendices; Index