Machining Technology for Composite Materials book cover

Machining Technology for Composite Materials

Principles and Practice

Machining processes play an important role in the manufacture of a wide variety of components. While the processes required for metal components are well-established, they cannot always be applied to composite materials, which instead require new and innovative techniques. Machining technology for composite materials provides an extensive overview and analysis of both traditional and non-traditional methods of machining for different composite materials.

The traditional methods of turning, drilling and grinding are discussed in part one, which also contains chapters analysing cutting forces, tool wear and surface quality. Part two covers non-traditional methods for machining composite materials, including electrical discharge and laser machining, among others. Finally, part three contains chapters that deal with special topics in machining processes for composite materials, such as cryogenic machining and processes for wood-based composites.

With its renowned editor and distinguished team of international contributors, Machining technology for composite materials is an essential reference particularly for process designers and tool and production engineers in the field of composite manufacturing, but also for all those involved in the fabrication and assembly of composite structures, including the aerospace, marine, civil and leisure industry sectors.

Hardbound, 488 Pages

Published: November 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-030-0


  • Part 1 Traditional methods for machining composite materials: Turning processes for metal matrix composites; Drilling processes for composites; Grinding processes for polymer matrix composites; Analysing cutting forces in machining processes for polymer-based composites; Tool wear in machining processes for composites; Analysing surface quality in machined composites. Part 2 Non-traditional methods for machining composite materials: Ultrasonic vibration-assisted (UV-A) machining of composites; Electrical discharge machining of composites; Electrochemical discharge machining of particulate-reinforced metal matrix composites; Fundamentals of laser machining of composites; Laser machining of fiber-reinforced polymeric composite materials; Laser-based repair for carbon fiber reinforced composites. Part 3 Special topics in machining composite materials: High speed machining processes for fibre-reinforced composites; Cryogenic machining of composites; Analysing the machinability of metal matrix composites; Machining processes for wood-based composite materials; Machining metal matrix composites using diamond tools.


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