Loss Prevention and Security Procedures book cover

Loss Prevention and Security Procedures

Practical Applications for Contemporary Problems

Loss Prevention and Security Procedures assists CEOs, security management and loss prevention specialists in dealing with loss. Losses in an organization may originate from a variety of threats, including natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and flooding. However, many of the threats to our assets are posed by individuals and may include drug activity, violence, theft and fraud. Loss Prevention and Security Procedures deals specifically with these and many more problems facing today' s security conscious professional.Written from the management perspective, Loss Prevention and Security Procedures offers discernment and wisdom directed toward the philosophy of anticipatory security, before losses occur and resolving them through the most cost effective initiatives possible.

Assists CEOs, security managers and loss prevention specialists in dealing with loss.

Hardbound, 320 Pages

Published: December 1999

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9628-9


  • This volume is a substantial and comprehensive work that will be of considerable use as a general text for the student of security and as a handy reference work for the experienced security practitioner. ...this is a good guide to a myriad of loss prevention matters. It deserves a place on a security practitioner's bookshelf. - Security Management, July 2000 ...the book presents information in a clear, concise manner. Throughout, the authors provide clear directions on how every level of management should display its commitment toward security. -Professional Safety


  • Orientation to the Security Environment Loss Prevention Strategies Identification of Problem Areas Profile of a Thief Countermeasures to Theft Loss Prevention Surveys Contract vs. Proprietary Information Pervasive Loss Prevention Security Officer Training and Management's Responsibility Bomb Threats Labor Disputes Special Event Security Security Reengineering Handling Substance Abuse Matters Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention


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