Long-Range Control of Gene Expression

Edited by

  • Veronica van Heyningen, Veronica van Heyningen [v.vanheyningen@hgu.mrc.ac.uk]
  • Robert Hill

This volume covers the current progress in understanding the mechanisms for genomic control of gene expression, which has grown considerably in the last few years as insight into genome organization and chromatin regulation has advanced.
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Molecular geneticists, clinical geneticists, neurologists, neuroscientists, molecular biologists and biochemists, cell and developmental biologists


Book information

  • Published: March 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-373881-3

Table of Contents

Chromatin Structure and the Regulation of Gene Expression: The Lessons of Pev in DrosophilaPolycomb Group Proteins and Long-Range Gene RegulationEvolution of cis-Regulatory Sequences in DrosophilaBeta Globin Regulation and Long-Range InteractionsLong-Range Regulation of Ą-globin Gene Expression Global Control Regions and Regulatory Landscapes in Vertebrate Development and EvolutionRegulation of Imprinting in Clusters: Noncoding RNAs Versus InsulatorsGenomic Imprinting and Imprinting Defects in HumansEpigenetic Gene Regulation in CancerGenomic Identification of Regulatory Elements by Evolutionary Sequence Comparison and Functional Analysis Regulatory Variation and Evolution and Implications for DiseaseOrganization of Conserved Elements Near Key Developmental Regulators in Vertebrate GenomesLong-Range Gene Control and Genetic Disease Dirk A. Kleinjan and Laura A. Lettice