Logic and the Modalities in the Twentieth Century

Edited by

  • Dov M. Gabbay, King's College London, UK
  • John Woods, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Logic and the Modalities in the Twentieth Century is an indispensable research tool for anyone interested in the development of logic, including researchers, graduate and senior undergraduate students in logic, history of logic, mathematics, history of mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence, linguistics, cognitive science, argumentation theory, philosophy, and the history of ideas.This volume is number seven in the eleven volume Handbook of the History of Logic. It concentrates on the development of modal logic in the 20th century, one of the most important undertakings in logic’s long history. Written by the leading researchers and scholars in the field, the volume explores the logics of necessity and possibility, knowledge and belief, obligation and permission, time, tense and change, relevance, and more. Both this volume and the Handbook as a whole are definitive reference tools for students and researchers in the history of logic, the history of philosophy, and any discipline, such as mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, for whom the historical background of his or her work is a salient consideration.
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The Handbook is aimed at researchers and historians in all areas of logic, including computer scientists and artificial intelligence theorists, theorists of legal reasoning and cognitive psychologists.


Book information

  • Published: May 2006
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-51622-0

Table of Contents

PrefaceList of Authors1. Mathematical Modal Logic: A View of its Evolution (Rob Goldblatt)2. Epistemic Logic (Paul Gochet and Pascal Gribomont)3. Deontic Logic (Paul McNamara)4. Relevant and Substructural Logics (Greg Restall)5. A.N. Prior's Logic (Peter Øhrstrøm and Per F.V. Hasle)6. Modern Temporal Logic: The Philosophical Background (Peter Øhrstrøm and Per F.V. Hasle)7. The Gamut of Dynamic Logics (Jan van Eijck and Martin Stockhof)8. Situation Theory and Situation Semantics (Keith Devlin)9. Dialogue Logic (Erik Krabbe)Index