Structure, Physical Properties and Functionality


  • K. Larsson, KL Chem AB, S-237 34 Bjärred and Camurus Lipid Research, S-223 70 Lund, Sweden
  • P Quinn, Kings College London, UK
  • K. Sato, Barley Germplasm Center, Research Institute for Bioresources, Okayama University, Kurashiki, Japan
  • F Tiberg, Camurus AB, Sweden

In Lipids: Structure, Physical Properties and Functionality, Professor KÃ¥re Larsson, Peter Quinn, Kiyotaka Sato and Fredrik Tiberg have provided an up-to-date description of the diversity of lipid molecular arrangements in different physical states as a basis for the understanding of lipid functionality in biological and technical systems.

Lipids are components of many complex systems, some of which are natural in origin, such as the cell membranes of living organisms, and others created by human intervention, such as food emulsions. Scientists and technologists working on complex systems containing lipids need to relate composition and structure to behaviour, whether this is in the formulation of food products, development of drugs and drug delivery systems, study of living cells, or creation of new cosmetics, to name a few examples.

This book was originally planned as a new edition to Kåre Larsson’s popular book Lipids: Molecular Organization, Physical Functions and Technical Applications published by the Oily Press in 1994. However, the subject area had to be expanded to such an extent that the one author could no longer cover it. Instead of resorting to the usual edited book with each chapter written by a different author, the three well-known scientists named above were invited to act as co-authors with Kåre Larsson. As a result Lipids: Structure, physical properties and functionality is not a second edition, but a new book with a new ISBN number.
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Lipidologists; Colloid chemists; Other scientists who work in fields which may use lipids in solving scientific or technical issues


Book information

  • Published: February 2006
  • Imprint: Oily Press
  • ISBN: 978-0-9531949-9-5


The book is well written and easy to read, and its chapter structure and content is logically laid out. The book is a valuable addition to lipidologists and certainly useful for scientists working in fields where lipids are not the core interest but still have importance for solving scientific and/or technical issues., European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology
…written in an outstanding manner and there is no need for detailed information about the different chapters. …The book is truly and strongly recommended to anyone not only in the field of lipids but also to colloid chemists in general., Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology
I strongly recommend this book to anyone working with lipids both in fundamental as well as in applied research., Lipid Technology

Table of Contents

Basic concepts; Solid-state behaviour of polymorphic fats and fatty acids; Liquid- crystalline lipidwater phases; The liquid state; Lipids at the air-water interface - monolayers and multilayers in surface films, bubbles and foams; Dispersions of lipid-water phases; Interaction of lipids with proteins and polypeptides; Emulsions; Lipids of biological membranes; Lipid barriers at the environment-body interface; Drug delivery; Foods.