Libraries and Society book cover

Libraries and Society

Role, Responsibility and Future in an Age of Change

This book reviews both the historical and future roles that public, private, academic and special libraries have in supporting and shaping society at local, regional, national and international levels. Globalisation, economic turmoil, political and ethnic tensions, rapid technology development, global warming and other key environmental factors are all combining in myriad and complex ways to affect everyone, both individually and collectively. Fundamental questions are being asked about the future of society and the bedrock organisations that underpin it. Libraries and Society considers the key aspects of library provision and the major challenges that libraries - however defined, managed, developed and provided - now face, and will continue to face in the future. It also focuses on the emerging chapter in cultural, economic and social history and the library’s role in serving diverse communities within this new era.

Practitioners and students of Library and Information Science

Paperback, 472 Pages

Published: April 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-131-4


  • It is a must read for thinking librarians, library scholars and policy makers., The Library Herald


  • Libraries, society and social responsibility; I wouldn’t start from here … provision and use of UK libraries; From people flows to knowledge flows; Scholarly communication and access to research outputs; Free and equal access: A conundrum for the information society; The more they change, the more they stay the same: Public libraries and social inclusion; Widening access to information: The haves and the have-nots? Tackling inequalities around the globe: The challenge for libraries; Islands in the cloud: Libraries and the social life of information; From the passive library to the learning library - it’s an emotional journey; The modern academic library; Libraries and distance education; Syllabus independence and the library; Libraries in the information society: Cooperation and identity; Children’s reading habits and attitudes; The user of tomorrow: Young people and the future of library provision; Redefining the librarian; Redefining librarianship; The future of librarians in the workforce: A US perspective; The value of libraries: The relationship between change, evaluation and role; The future of and for library and information services: A public library view; The future of public libraries and their services: A Danish perspective; Library landscapes: Digital developments; Towards Library 2.0: Building the library of the future; Library 2050.


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