Leucocyte Adhesion

Edited by

  • Klaus Ley, University of Virginia Health System, Cardiovascular Research Center, Charlottesville, USA

Current Topics in Membranes provides a systematic, comprehensive, and rigorous approach to specific topics relevant to the study of cellular membranes. This volume provides a review of the latest developments in leukocyte adhesion. Regulation of cell adhesion is important for immune system function.
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Researchers in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology and immunology


Book information

  • Published: November 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374909-3

Table of Contents

1. Membrane composition and properties

  1. Lipid rafts (open)
  2. Membrane tethers (R Waugh, Rochester)
  3. Microvilli (JY Shao, Wash U)
  4. Whole cell deformation (D Khismatullin, Tulane)

2. Adhesion molecules

  1. Integrin activation (M. Shimaoka, Harvard)
  2. Cytoskeletal anchoring (Fred Pavalko, Iowa)
  3. No tile yet (Alon, Weizman)
  4. Catch bonds (Cheng Zhu, Georgia Tech and Roger McEver, OMRF)
  5. Modeling adhesion (Pospieszalska/Ley, LIAI)
  6. Factors limiting the onset of bond formation at cell interfaces (R Waugh, Rochester)

3. Active role of endothelial cells

  1. Adhesive platforms (O. Barreiro, Madrid)
  2. Migratory cups, podosomes (Chris Carman, Beth Israel)
  3. PECAM recycling (WA Muller, Northwestern)


4. Methods

1. FRET (Minsoo Kim, Rochester)

2. Flow chambers (Simon SI at UC Davis)