Lessons of Criminology


  • Gilbert Geis
  • Mary Dodge

Presents the stories, musings, advice and conclusions of well-known criminologists about their research and their careers. Provides readers with suggestions about how to manage their professional lives. Contributors include Frank Cullen, Julius Debro, Don Gibbons, John Irwin, Mac Klein, Gary Marx, Joan McCord, Richard Quinney, Frank Scarpitti, Jim Short, Rita Simon, Charles Tuttle and Jackson Toby.
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Book information

  • Published: April 2002
  • ISBN: 978-1-58360-512-7

Table of Contents


Gilbert Geis

1. It’s a Wonderful Life: Reflections on a Career in Progress

Francis T. Cullen

2. Reflections of a Reluctant but Committed Criminologist

Charles R. Tittle

3. Surrounded by Crime: Lessons from One Academic Career

Malcolm W. Klein

4. The Good Boy in a High-Delinquency Area-40 Years Later

Frank R. Scarpitti

5. Learning How to Learn and Its Sequelae

Joan McCord

6. Looking for Meaning in All the Right Places: The Search for Academic Satisfaction

Gary T. Marx

7. Ignoring Warnings, I Became a Criminologist

Jackson Toby

8. My Life in "Crim"

John Irwin

9. Criminologist as Witness

Richard Quinney

10. Reflections of an African-American Criminologist

Julius Debro

11. Looking Back on 40-Plus Years of a Professional Career

Rita J. Simon

12. Unwinding: Reflections on a Career

James F. Short, Jr.

13. Doing Well in the Slow Lane

Don C. Gibbons


Mary Dodge