Lees' Process Safety Essentials

Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control

Lees' Process Safety Essentials is a single-volume digest presenting the critical, practical content from Lees' Loss Prevention for day-to-day use and reference. It is portable, authoritative, affordable, and accessible - ideal for those on the move, students, and individuals without access to the full three volumes of Lees'.

This book provides a convenient summary of the main content of Lees', primarily drawn from the hazard identification, assessment, and control content of volumes one and two. Users can access Essentials for day-to-day reference on topics including plant location and layout; human factors and human error; fire, explosion and toxic release; engineering for sustainable development; and much more. This handy volume is a valuable reference, both for students or early-career professionals who may not need the full scope of Lees', and for more experienced professionals needing quick, convenient access to information.

Individual safety and loss prevention professionals; process and plant engineers; environmental and chemical safety professionals; in all chemical, petroleum and process industry sectors; students of chemical engineering

Paperback, 570 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-776-4


  • Praise for Lees' Loss Prevention "...this is still the most comprehensive treatise on process safety and loss prevention available... it should be in the process safety department library of any company involved with manufacturing handling, and processing hazardous chemicals. Also, process safety/loss prevention specialists and consultants will find it an invaluable source book on practically every subject in this field."--CCPS JOURNAL


    1. Introduction;
    2. Hazard, Incident and Loss;
    3. Legislation and Law;
    4. Major Hazard Control;
    5. Reliability Engineering;
    6. Hazard Identification;
    7. Hazard Assessment;
    8. Plant Location and Layout;
    9. Process Design;
    10. Pressure System Design;
    11. Control System Design;
    12. Human Factors and Human Error;
    13. Emission and Dispersion;
    14. Fire;
    15. Explosion;
    16. Toxic Release;
    17. Plant Commissioning and Inspection;
    18. Plant Operation;
    19. Equipment Maintenance and Modification;
    20. Storage;
    21. Transport;
    22. Emergency Planning;
    23. Personal Safety;
    24. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems;
    25. Reactive Chemicals;
    26. Safety Instrumented Systems;
    27. Chemical Security;
    28. Metrics and Performance Measurement;
    29. Engineering for Sustainable Development;
    30. Liquefied Natural Gas;
    31. Appx;
    32. Case Histories, links and how to use them;
    33. ACMH Model Licence Conditions;
    34. Standards and Codes;
    35. Units and Unit Conversions;
    36. Process Safety Management (PSM) Regulation in the United States;
    37. Risk Management Program Regulation in the United States;
    38. Acronyms;
    39. Index;
    40. Computer Codes Index


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