Learning and Memory in Normal Aging book cover

Learning and Memory in Normal Aging

Donald Kausler is one of the founding fathers of research on aging. Internationally recognized, his efforts have formed the cornerstone of research on how age affects memory and learning. Now, in one comprehensive volume, Kausler condenses research findings in this realm into one engaging and forthright book. What are the effects of aging on classical and operant conditioning? How does age affect memory capacity/transfer of learning skill acquisition? Kausler addresses all of these issues and more in a clearly presented, easily understood review of major research findings.

Researchers, graduate students, and academics in gerontology and cognitive psychology.

Hardbound, 544 Pages

Published: June 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-402655-1


  • "A comprehensive, clear summary of research addressing whether cognitive processes change in the course of aging...Crisp presentation of each empirical example...A candidate for one of the standard references on the shelf of any cognitive aging researcher."

    "I especially liked the fact that, throughout the book...(young) normal cognitive literature was provided, and key terms were defined, before the detailed discussion of findings with older versus younger adults ensued. Kausler is very straightforward interms of critically reviewing the aging and memory findings. He has numerous discussions of methodological problems, conflicting findings, failures of replication, and other such issues throughout the book. This book is also a wonderful desk reference on memory and aging; the subject index is quite comprehensive and the literature citations are thorough and up-to-date... For neuropsychologists whose clinical and/or research duties involve the elderly... a basic understanding of memory models, as well as how these models have been utilized (with varying success) in research on memory and aging, is essential. Progress in the development of neuropsychological tests of memory, diagnostic criteria for various memory-related syndromes and diseases of the aged, and sophisticated and testable cognitive as well as cognitive neuroscience models of normal and abnormal memory functioning in older adults requires that neuropsychologists working in these areas have some "grounding" in the normal memory literature. Kausler has provided this in a very convenient and painless form."


  • Conditioning and Instrumental Learning.Skill Learning and Procedural Learning.Verbal Learning.Mnemonics and Transfer.Sensory Memory and Short-Term/Primary Memory.Models of Long-Term Episodic Memory.Long-Term Episodic Memory: Effortful Phenomena.Long-Term Episodic Memory: Discourse.Long-Term Episodic Memory: Automaticity and Rehearsal Independence.Long-Term Episodic Memory: Retention and Forgetting.Long-Term Episodic Memory: Implicit Memory.Generic (Semantic) Memory and Metamemory.References.Author Index.Subject Index.


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