Project and Human Capital Management


  • John McManus, Academic & Independent IT Consultant

Success in project management requires the project manager to operate at many levels and deal with a myriad of internal and external stakeholders. Leadership in the project management requires the vision, ability and courage to guide individuals and teams to rewarding experiences. Project Managers often expect to achieve a great deal, but need to realise they can achieve little without the efforts of others. This book focuses on the complexity and issues of leadership in project management. The book provides: * assist project managers in their understanding of what leadership is and how leadership influences the outcome of project success * demonstrate how empowerment can be used to achieve results and positive project outcomes * demonstrate how to engage and influence others to achieve project goals * define the theoretical and practical boundaries of decision making within the context of multiple stakeholder projects * provide an insight into what it takes to build high performance project teams * provide a communication taxonomy for managing multiple stakeholders and demonstrates how conflict should be managed
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Accountants, Finance Officers and Project Managers


Book information

  • Published: December 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6896-5


“Having spent 20 years of my career in project management and having delivered £100 million in earned value, I firmly believe that the project manager that flourishes will be the one which empowers team members, and allows them the freedom to speak their minds about what needs to be done and to take risks without reprisals." -- John McManus

Table of Contents

1. Leadership and Team Building2. Leadership and Team Development3. Leadership and Decision Making4. Leadership Influence, Power and Conflict Management5. Communication the Leadership Interface6. Ethics and Governance a Leadership 7. Essays : Personal Leadership, Leading Virtual Teams, Evolutionary Leadership, Team Building without Time Wasting, Distinguishing Teams from Work Groups is Critical Appendix A (Examples of Code of Ethics)Glossary of Terms