Laser Spectroscopy for Sensing book cover

Laser Spectroscopy for Sensing

Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications

Laser spectroscopy is a valuable tool for sensing and chemical analysis. Developments in lasers, detectors and mathematical analytical tools have led to improvements in the sensitivity and selectivity of spectroscopic techniques and extended their fields of application. Laser Spectroscopy for Sensing examines these advances and how laser spectroscopy can be used in a diverse range of industrial, medical, and environmental applications.

Part one reviews basic concepts of atomic and molecular processes and presents the fundamentals of laser technology for controlling the spectral and temporal aspects of laser excitation. In addition, it explains the selectivity, sensitivity, and stability of the measurements, the construction of databases, and the automation of data analysis by machine learning. Part two explores laser spectroscopy techniques, including cavity-based absorption spectroscopy and the use of photo-acoustic spectroscopy to acquire absorption spectra of gases and condensed media. These chapters discuss imaging methods using laser-induced fluorescence and phosphorescence spectroscopies before focusing on light detection and ranging, photothermal spectroscopy and terahertz spectroscopy. Part three covers a variety of applications of these techniques, particularly the detection of chemical, biological, and explosive threats, as well as their use in medicine and forensic science. Finally, the book examines spectroscopic analysis of industrial materials and their applications in nuclear research and industry.

The text provides readers with a broad overview of the techniques and applications of laser spectroscopy for sensing. It is of great interest to laser scientists and engineers, as well as professionals using lasers for medical applications, environmental applications, military applications, and material processing.

Laser scientists and engineers; Professionals using lasers for medical applications, environmental applications, military applications, and material processing; Defense contractors; Federally funded research and development centers and universities who are interested in developing laser based sensing technologies for chemical, biological, and explosive threats; Scientists and researchers in the field of laser sensing including laser spectroscopy, laser development, optical and hypersectral detection of environmental species, and applications of laser sensors for industrial and process control

Hardbound, 592 Pages

Published: January 2014

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-273-1


  • "...very useful knowledge for the researcher who needs to use optical sensing methods in their work. Laser scientists and engineers...will also find this book very informative..." --IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine,November-December 2014


  • Part 1 Fundamentals of laser spectroscopy for sensing: Fundamentals of optical spectroscopy; Lasers used for spectroscopy: Fundamentals of spectral and temporal control; Fundamentals of spectral detection; Using databases for data analysis in laser spectroscopy; Multivariate analysis, chemometrics, and machine learning in laser spectroscopy. Part 2 Laser spectroscopy techniques: Cavity-based absorption spectroscopy techniques; Photo-acoustic spectroscopy; Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF); Laser-induced phosphorescence spectroscopy: Development and application of thermographic phosphors (TP) for thermometry in combustion environments; LIDAR (light detection and ranging); Photothermal spectroscopy; Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy. Part 3 Applications of laser spectroscopy and sensing: Laser spectroscopy for the detection of chemical, biological and explosive threats; Laser spectroscopy for medical applications; Applications of laser spectroscopy in forensic science; Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to the analysis of secondary materials in industrial production; Applications of laser spectroscopy in nuclear research and industry.


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