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Laser Heating Applications

Analytical Modelling

Thermal treatment of materials occupies a significant, increasing proportion of MSE activity and is an integral component of modern curricula as well as a highly monetized component of industrial production. Laser processing of materials offers advantages over conventional methods of processing. Some of these advantages include fast processing, precision of operation, low cost and local treatment. Analytical modeling of laser processing gives insight into the physical and mathematical aspects of the problem and provides useful information on process optimization. This work from Professor Yilbas, a world-recognized expert in laser materials processing, provides the necessary depth and weight of analysis, collating mathematical and physical modeling and experimentation with the necessary discussion of applications. It meets coherence in topics with high technical quality. It encompasses the basics of laser processing and provides an introduction to analytical modeling of the process. Fundamentals and formulation of the heating process are presented for numerous heating conditions.


Academicians, researchers, engineers, and graduate students. This book will be written for materials processing specialists, be they graduate students, faculty from academic institutions and those who work on lasers in industry. The lowest academic level required is B.Sc./BEng (Bachelor of Science or Engineer)

Hardbound, 280 Pages

Published: June 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-415782-8


  • 1. Introduction to laser heating process

    2. Conduction limited laser pulsed laser heating : fourier heating model

    3. Non-conduction limited pulsed laser heating: fourier heating model

    4. Laser cutting process

    5. Thermal stress analysis

    6. Laser short-pulse heating: non-equilibrium heating


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