Landau: The Physicist & the Man book cover

Landau: The Physicist & the Man

Recollections of L D Landau

The name of Lev Davidovich Landau is widely known as that of one of the greatest twentieth-century physicists. A brilliant teacher to those pupils he carefully chose, notoriously controversial in his outlook and opinions, the combination of his outstanding intellect and striking personality brought him almost legendary fame. This volume contains letters, papers and recollections by friends and pupils, describing Landau's views of science, culture and life, and provides the reader with a vivid portrait of a remarkable man.

For physicists, students of physics and those interested in biographies.


Published: October 1989

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-036383-7


  • Very readable... Most amusing... Excellent illustrations.
    Physics World


  • The pride of Soviet science, I M Khalatnikov. Lev Davidovich Landau (1908-1968), E M Lifshitz. Recollections of L D Landau, A A Abrikosov. Teacher and friend, A I Akhiezer. Dau in the thirties, N E Alekseevskii. The Leningrad period in the life of young Professor Landau, E L Andronikashvili. Studies on elementary particles, V B Berestetskii. Landau, H Casimir. The passionate sobriety of youth, D Danin. If all the scientists in the world, D Danin. Landau through a pupil's eyes, I E Dzyaloshinskii. Some meetings with L D Landau, I L Fabelinskii. Landau and others, E L Feinerg. A remarkable physicist, V L Ginzburg. Further thoughts, V L Ginzburg. In the kaleidoscope of memory, V I Gol'danskii. The 'Young people', L P Gor'kov. By car into the mountains, Z I Gorobets. If Landau were alive now, B L Ioffe. Landau as I knew him, M I Kaganov. How the school of Landau was started, I M Khalatnikov. Some brush-strokes for a portrait not yet painted, I M Khalatnikov. How I became a teacher at Kharkov University, A K Kikoin. L D Landau as a teacher, A S Kompaneets. From my memories, B G Lazarev. From not very close, O I Martynov a. My recollections of Landau, R E Peierls. Lev Davidovich Landau, winner of the second Fritz London award, J R Pellam. Science and life: conversations with Dau, V L Pokrovskii. A page or two of reminiscence about L D Landau, Yu B Rumer. My rare 'talks' with L D Landau, S M Rytov. From my memories of L D Landau, I S Shapiro. Recollections of Landau, D Shoenberg. As memory dictates, Ya A Smorodinski. Memories of Dau, M A Styrikovich. Landau as I remember him, K A Ter-Martirosyan. Recollections of the teacher, Ya B Zel'd.

    80 illus. approx.


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