Lake Ecosystem Ecology book cover

Lake Ecosystem Ecology

A Global Perspective

A derivative of the Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Lake Ecosystem Ecology examines the workings of the lake and reservoir ecosystems of our planet. Information and perspectives crucial to the understanding and management of current environmental problems are covered, such as eutrophication, acid rain and climate change. Because the articles are drawn from an encyclopedia, the articles are easily accessible to interested members of the public, such as conservationists and environmental decision makers.

Professionals and teachers in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, environmental engineering, hydrology and environmental science.

Hardbound, 480 Pages

Published: May 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-382002-0


  • Introduction to Lake Ecosystem Ecology: A Global Perspective, G.E. Likens
    Lake Ecosystems: Structure, Function and Change
     Lakes as Ecosystems, W.M. Lewis
     Ecological Zonation in Lakes, M. Lewis
     Littoral Zone, J.A. Peters, D.M. Lodge
     Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, Lake and Reservoirs, D. L Strayer
     Trophic Dynamics in Aquatic Ecosystems, U. Gaedke
     Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs, V. Istvánovics
     Paleolimnology, J.P. Smol
     Effects of Climate Change on Lakes, W.F. Vincent
     Modeling of Lake Ecosystems, L. HÃ¥kanson

    Hydrodynamics and Mixing in Lakes
     Biological-Physical Interactions, C.S. Reynolds
     Mixing Dynamics in Lakes Across Climatic Zones, S. MacIntyre, J.M. Melack
     Density Stratification and Stability, B. Boehrer, M. Schultze
     Small-Scale Turbulence and Mixing: Energy Fluxes in Stratified Lakes, A. Wüest, A. Lorke
     The Benthic Boundary Layer (in Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs), A. Lorke, S. MacIntyre
     Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 1: Density-Driven Flows, F. Peeters, R. Kipfer
     Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 2: Internal Waves, L. Boegman
     Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 3: Effects of Rotation, J.P. Antenucci
     Currents in the Upper Mixed Layer and in Unstratified Water Bodies, F.J. Rueda, J. Vidal
     Meromictic Lakes, K.M. Stewart, K.F. Walker, G.E. Likens

    Lakes and Reservoirs of the World
     Origins of Types of Lake Basins, D.K. Branstrator
     Geomorphology of Lake Basins, B. Timms
     Reservoirs, C. Nilsson
     Abundance and Size Distribution of Lakes, Ponds and Impoundments, J.A. Downing, C.M. Duarte
     Saline Inland Waters, M.J. Waiser, R.D. Robarts
     Antarctica, J.C. Priscu, C.M. Foreman
     Arctic, G.W. Kling
     Africa: North of Sahara, M. Ramdani, N. Elkhiati, R.J. Flower 
     Africa: South of Sahara, O.V. Msiska
     Asia, B. Gopal, D. Ghosh
     Australia and New Zealand, J.D. Brookes, D.P. Hamilton 
     Europe, G.A. Weyhenmeyer, R. Psenner, L.J. Tranvik
     North America, W.H. Renwick
     South America, M.E. Llames, H.E. Zagarese

    Lakes and Reservoirs: Pollution, Management and Services
     Shallow Lakes and Ponds, M. Meerhoff, E. Jeppesen
     Lake Management, Criteria, A.C. Cardoso et al.
     Lake and Reservoir Management, E. Jeppesen et al.
     Effects of Recreation and Commercial Shipping, J. E. Vermaat
     Biomanipulation of Aquatic Ecosystems. L-A Hansson, C. Bronmark
     Vector-Borne Diseases of Freshwater Habitatis, V. H. Resh
     Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems. R. Abell, S. Blanch, C. Revenga, M. Thiems
     Aquatic Ecosystem Services. K. E. Limburg
     International Water Convention and Treaties, A. T. Wolf
    Hydrodynamics and Mixing in Lakes 
    Lakes and Reservoirs of the World
    Lakes and Reservoirs: Pollution, Management and Services


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