Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia book cover

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia

The additions and amendments to this new edition reflect developments in anesthetic practice and changes in our attitudes toward laboratory animal welfare. Standards of anesthesia for laboratory animals have increased greatly since the publication of the 2e, and the use of technically demanding procedures have become much more widespread. This new edition attempts to balance the need for additional information in these areas with the main goal of the first edition: the provision of an introductory text for new investigators.

Researchers, post docs and graduate students who utilize animals in biomedical research.

Hardbound, 304 Pages

Published: May 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-369376-1


  • INTRODUCTION1 Preparing for Anaesthesia2 Anaesthesia3 Anaesthetic Management 4 Special Techniques 5 Analgesia and Post Operative Care6 Anaesthesia of Common Laboratory Species: Special ConsiderationsREFERENCESAPPENDIX 1 Recommended techniques and physiological dataAPPENDIX 2 Estimation of required quantities of volatile anaesthetics and anaesthetic gasesAPPENDIX 3 Examples of dilutions of anaesthetic mixtures for small rodentsAPPENDIX 4 Manufacturers of equipment and other items illustrated or cited in the text


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