Knowledge Management book cover

Knowledge Management

Social, Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives

This book focuses on various aspects of KM - including social, political and philosophical perspectives; practical perspectives; cross-cultural perspectives and theoretical perspectives. It concludes with an alternative view on KM, emphasising how KM helps to ensure the success of the knowledge revolution.

Information professionals; KM consultants, KM practitioners including KM professionals/experts, KM navigators and KM/IT specialists

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: January 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-189-5


  • I would recommend it to any librarian or information specialist interested in contributing to efficient capture, storage and dissemination of information within their organisation., Scottish Health Information Network
    …will surely encourage debate on concepts such as knowledge, wisdom, information, value, efficiency, progress and many others., Scottish Health Information Network


  • Part 1 Social, economic, political and philosophical perspectives: Knowledge management: What has wisdom got to do with it? Intangible value at work: Personal, organisational and social dimensions; Leadership in the knowledge revolution: An Open Marxist theoretical perspective and analysis. Part 2 Practical perspectives: The role of the library in knowledge management; Accessibility issues for web-based information systems. Part 3 Cultural perspectives: Knowledge management within and across cultures and cultural theories; Knowledge sharing and organisational learning in the developed and developing world; Knowledge management: Internal, external and social cultures; An Open Marxist theoretical analysis of knowledge management within and across cultures. Part 4 Theoretical perspectives: Thermodynamics and knowledge: Principles and implications; Knowledge management: An Open Marxist theoretical perspective and analysis; Conclusion.


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