Knowledge Management for Sales and Marketing

A Practitioner’s Guide


  • Tom Young, Knoco Ltd, UK
  • Nick Milton, Knoco Ltd, UK

While this book is primarily aimed at those who are involved in Knowledge Management (KM) or have recently been appointed to deliver KM in sales and marketing environments, it is also highly relevant to those engaged in the management or delivery of sales and marketing activities. This book presents models to assist the reader to understand how knowledge can be applied and reused within the sales and marketing processes, leading to an enhanced win rate.

Topics covered provide managers and practitioners with the necessary principles, approaches and tools to be able to design their approach from scratch or to be able to compare their existing practices against world class examples. Several models and methodologies are explained which can be applied or replicated in a wide variety of industries. The book also features numerous case studies which illustrate the journey that various companies are taking as they implement KM within sales and marketing.
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Executives contemplating introducing KM into a sales and marketing environment, managers who are tasked with managing a KM program in those industries, practitioners who are tasked with delivering KM in those industries, and academics who seek to understand current KM practice in those industries


Book information

  • Published: May 2011
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-604-3


Offers a straightforward and easy-to-grasp overview of a complex subject., Managing Information
This book illustrates that what may appear a straightforward concept is in fact one that requires more consideration and has many elements to it if it is to be successfully implemented. It has been written for a specific audience, but the content can also be understood and applied more broadly., Australian Library Journal

Table of Contents

Principles of knowledge management; The sales and marketing context; Knowledge management processes in sales, bidding and marketing; Communities in sales and marketing; Technology; Knowledge management roles; Culture and governance; Case study from British Telecom: Supporting a distributed sales force; Case study from Mars, Inc.: Knowledge management in sales and marketing; Case study from Ordnance Survey: Social networking and the transfer of knowledge within supply chain management; Setting up a knowledge management framework for sales, marketing and bidding.