Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet book cover

Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet

Knowledge, Groupware, and the Internet details the convergence of modern knowledge management theory and emerging computer technologies, and discusses how they collectively enable business change and enhance an organization's ability to create and share knowledge. This compendium of authoritative articles explains the relationship between knowledge management and two major technologies enabling it: Groupware and the Internet. These critical technologies help an organization evolve from individual to group knowledge, quickly make tacit knowledge explicit, and enable people to use and apply this knowledge. Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet helps readers understand how to unite the people and technologies that define effective knowledge management.

Knowledge managers, leaders, human resources, professional business trade


Published: January 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7111-8


  • HISTORY An Intentional Group Process Plus Software to Support Them (Johnson-Lenz); What is the Internet Anyway? (Carl-Mitchell & Quarterman); The Information Mosaic (McKinnon & Bruns) THE TECHNICAL ENABLERS Knowledge Workers and Radically New Technology (Sviokla); Knowledge Management and Collaborative Technologies (Zack & Serrino); THE EFFECTS IN ORGANIZATIONS Information Politics (Davenport et al); Teaching and Learning in Cyberspace (Dumont) Will the Internet Revolutionize Business Education and Research? (Ives et al); An Improvisational Model for Change Management: The Case of Groupware Technologies (Orlikowski); A Theory of the effects of Advanced Information Technologies on Organizational Design, Intelligence and Decision Making (Huber); Human Capital and Growth (Romer); KNOWLEDGE, GROUPWARE AND THE INTERNET IN PRACTICE Content and the Web for African Development (Adam); Information Technology and Strategic Knowledge Management (chapter 5 The Learning Organization, Managing Knowledge for Business Success-the Economist); Buckman Labs is Nothing But Net (Rifkin); Knowledge and Infrastructure in International Information Management (Bowker & Star); Expert Systems and Lotus Notes Applications for Retrieval of Problem-solving Knowledge and Information (Kiger); using Groupware to Enhance Team Decision Making (Leventhal); Electronic Markets and Virtual Value chains on the Information Superhighway (Benjamin & Wigand)


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