Kinetics of Soil Chemical Processes book cover

Kinetics of Soil Chemical Processes

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Students and professionals in soil science, geochemistry, environmental engineering, and geology.

Hardbound, 210 pages

Published: February 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-656440-2


  • "A very useful and timely account of the state of the art of kinetic studies of processes in these heterogeneous systems as the occur in soils."

    "A thorough review of this rapidly developing field is very timely and Sparks does a good job of discussing both the required experimental techniques, and the results of the recent research. Most useful for upper-division undergraduate students in soils science, geochemistry, environmental engineering and geology."
    This book is highly recommended reading and belongs on the desk of all who are interested in the chemistry of soil and its application to solute transport, mineral nutrition of plants, and environmental concerns. It is a concisely written document dedicated to the quantification of time-dependent processes in soils... The book is a balanced presentation of kinetic principles, current methodology for obtaining kinetic data, and interpretation of kinetic data. The author has written a timely and informative book."


  • Introduction.Application of Chemical Kinetics to Soil Systems.Kinetic Methodologies and Data Interpretation for Diffusion-Controlled Reactions.Kinetics and Mechanisms of Rapid Reactions on Soil Constituents Using Relaxation Methods.Ion Exchange Kinetics on Soils and Soil Constituents.Kinetics of Pesticide and Organic Pollutant Reactions.Rates of Chemical Weathering.Redox Kinetics.Kinetic Modeling of Inorganic and Organic Reactions in Soils.Bibliography.Index.


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