Key Topics in Public Health

Essential Briefings on Prevention and Health Promotion

Edited by

  • Linda Ewles, BSc, SRD, MSc, MA, Freelance Public Health Consultant and Writer, Bristol, UK

Key Topics is a short, easy-to-read text that provides basic information about twelve key topics in public health, such as diabetes, cancer, smoking and teenage pregnancy, and how prevention and health promotion should be tackled at community and one-to-one levels. The twelve topics are the 'must-dos' of public health action. They have been selected because they are those addressed in current national public health strategies such as Saving Lives: our healthier nation , and comparable strategies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many are the subject of National Service Frameworks and other national policies and plans; they are often accompanied by targets which health workers are expected to meet.
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Book information

  • Published: May 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-10026-0

Table of Contents

1. Cancer

2. Coronary heart disease and stroke

3. Diabetes

4. Smoking

5. Obesity

6. Physical activity

7. Injury prevention

8. Teenage pregnancy

9. Sexually transmitted infections

10. Alcohol use and misuse

11. Drug use and misuse

12. Mental health and mental health promotion

13. Tackling inequalities in health

14. Helping individuals to change behaviour