Jim Blinn

Jim Blinn's Corner: Dixty Pixels

"All problems in computer graphics can be solved with a matrix inversion."—Jim Blinn
Jim Blinn is Back!
Dirty Pixels is Jim's second compendium of articles selected from his award-winning column, "Jim Blinn's Corner," in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. Here he addresses topics in image processing and pixel arithmetic and shares the tricks he's uncovered through years of experimentation.Writing in the inimitable, engaging style for which he's famous, Jim's easy-to-understadn explanations and solutions make abstract concepts accessible to a broad audience. Dirty Pixels is an invaluable resource for anyone in the computer graphics field.
Teapots and More
Jim's contributions to computer graphics include the Voyager Fly-by animations of space missions to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus; The Mechanical Universe, a 52-part telecourse of animated physics; and the computer animation of Carl Sagan's PBS series Cosmos. Jim developed many graphics techniques now in widespread use, among them bump mapping, environment mapping, and blobby modeling.

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: May 1998

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-455-1


  • Chapter 1 The World's Largest Easter Egg and What Came Out of It
    Chapter 2 What We Need Around Here Is More Aliasing
    Chapter 3 Return of the Jaggy
    Chapter 4 How Many Different Curves Are There?
    Chapter 5 Dirty Pixels
    Chapter 6 Cubic Curve Update
    Chapter 7 Triage Tables
    Chapter 8 The Wonderful World of Video
    Chapter 9 Uppers and Downers
    Chapter 10 Uppers and Downers, Part II
    Chapter 11 The World of Digital Video
    Chapter 12 How I Spent My Summer Vacation—1976
    Chapter 13 NTSC: Nice Technology, Super Color
    Chapter 14 What's the Deal with the DCT?
    Chapter 15 Quantization Error and Dithering
    Chapter 16 Compositing—Theory
    Chapter 17 "Composting"—Practice
    Chapter 18 How to Attend a SIGGRAPH Conference
    Chapter 19 Three Wrongs Make a Right
    Chapter 20 Fun with Premultiplied Alpha


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