J & P Transformer Book


  • Martin Heathcote, International Transformer & Electrical Engineering Consultant

Maintaining appropriate power systems and equipment expertise is necessary for a utility to support the reliability, availability, and quality of service goals demanded by energy consumers now and into the future. However, transformer talent is at a premium today, and all aspects of the power industry are suffering a diminishing of the supply of knowledgeable and experienced engineers.Now in print for over 80 years since initial publication in 1925 by Johnson & Phillips Ltd, the J & P Transformer Book continues to withstand the test of time as a key body of reference material for students, teachers, and all whose careers are involved in the engineering processes associated with power delivery, and particularly with transformer design, manufacture, testing, procurement, application, operation, maintenance, condition assessment and life extension.Current experience and knowledge have been brought into this thirteenth edition with discussions on moisture equilibrium in the insulation system, vegetable based natural ester insulating fluids, industry concerns with corrosive sulphur in oil, geomagnetic induced current (GIC) impacts, transportation issues, new emphasis on measurement of load related noise, and enhanced treatment of dielectric testing (including Frequency Response Analysis), Dissolved Gas analysis (DGA) techniques and tools, vacuum LTCs, shunt and series reactors, and HVDC converter transformers. These changes in the thirteenth edition together with updates of IEC reference Standards documentation and inclusion for the first time of IEEE reference Standards, provide recognition that the transformer industry and market is truly global in scale. -- From the foreword by Donald J. FallonMartin Heathcote is a consultant specializing in power transformers, primarily working for utilities. In this context he has established working relationships with transformer manufacturers on several continents. His background with Ferranti and the UK’s Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) included transformer design and the management and maintenance of transformer-based systems.
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'Electrical Engineers involved in the design, installation and maintenance of power transformers; Students and researchers specialising in electrical power engineering and transformers; Other professionals in related industries, including architects and system planners '


Book information

  • Published: September 2007
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8164-3

Table of Contents

Preface; Transformer theory; Design Fundamentals; Basic Materials; Transformer construction; Testing of transformers; Operation and maintenance; Special features of transformers for particular purposes; Transformer enquiries and tenders; Appendices (Transformer equivalent circuit; Geometry of the transformer phasor diagram; The transformer circle diagram; Transformer regulation; Symmetrical components in unbalanced three-phase systems; A symmetrical component study of earth faults in transformers in parallel; The use of finite element analysis in the calculation of leakage flux and dielectric stress distributions; Appendix: lists of standards and reports; Index.