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iTerms Audio for The Language of Medicine (eCommerce Version)

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Easy to download and play on any portable media player, iTerms provides audio pronunciations and definitions of the medical terms presented in the Pronunciation of Terms sections of Chabner's The Language of Medicine, 8th Edition. iTerms is the perfect study solution for auditory learners or anyone who wants to sharpen their mastery of medical terminology. It's a fun and convenient way to reinforce terminology at the computer... or on the go!

Online version, 0 pages

Published: May 2007

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-4475-8


  • 1. Basic Word Structure

    2. Terms Pertaining to the Body as a Whole

    3. Suffixes

    4. Prefixes

    5. Digestive System

    6. Additional Suffixes and Digestive System Terminology

    7. Urinary System

    8. Female Reproductive System

    9. Male Reproductive System

    10. Nervous System

    11. Cardiovascular System

    12. Respiratory System

    13. Blood System

    14. Lymphatic/Immune System

    15. Musculoskeletal System

    16. Skin

    17. Sense Organs: Eye and Ear

    18. Endocrine System

    19. Cancer Medicine (Oncology)

    20. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

    21. Pharmacology

    22. Psychiatry


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