irs Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Edited by

  • Heather Falconer, Freelance journalist and editor specializing in HR and Employment Law issues.

Conflict, bullying and harassment can destroy the foundations of the most enterprising organisations.Bullying is now a key complaint received by HR departments. Destructive conflict creates stress, which can lead to poor morale and performance, increased staff turnover and an overall decline in organisational effectiveness.The good news is destructive conflict can be reduced – but this is a sensitive issue, requiring managers to call on tried and tested techniques.Published for HR and line managers, IRS Managing Conflict in the Workplace will help employers to recognise and resolve destructive conflict issues more effectively, enabling them to become more positive, productive and efficient. It gives invaluable advice on conflict prevention, mediation and negotiation; it explains how to manage conflict in a wide variety of situations; and includes guidance on the new statutory requirements for disciplinary and grievance procedures.The handbook will enable HR professionals to:• recognise the sectors, departments and types of individuals most prone to conflict• measure the costs of conflict• understand and comply with the law on the employer’s duty of care• spot potential problems, recognise bullying behaviours, understand the difference between constructive conflict and bullying and harassment, conduct a risk assessment and take preventative action• establish, communicate and monitor effective policies and procedures• train staff and managers in how to manage conflict effectively• reach agreement through negotiation• use conciliation and mediation to resolve difficult situationsAlso included is best practice advice, sample conflict management policies, case studies, checklists and legal compliance.
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Human resource directors and managers;CEO's of SME's;Managers with people responsiblities.


Book information

  • Published: April 2004
  • ISBN: 978-0-7545-2392-5

Table of Contents

1. Conflict in the workplace2. The causes of workplace conflict3. The costs of conflict4. Recognising the danger signs5. The employer’s duty of care: The law6. Establishing effective policies7. Conflict management training 8. Reaching agreement in cases of conflict: The role of mediation