Ion Exchange Membranes book cover

Ion Exchange Membranes

Fundamentals and Applications

Fundamental study and industrial application of ion exchange membranes started over half a century ago. Through the ongoing research and development, the ion exchange membrane technology is now applied to many fields and contributes to the improvement of our standard of living. Ion Exchange Membranes states the ion exchange membrane technology from the standpoint of fundamentals and applications. Discussing not only various phenomena exhibited by the membranes but also their applications in many fields with economical evaluations.

For students, researchers, engineers, practitioners and consultants.

Hardbound, 546 Pages

Published: July 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51982-5


  • Fundamentals Chapter 1 Preparation of ion exchange membranes
    Chapter 2 Membrane property measurement
    Chapter 3 Membrane characteristics and transport phenomena
    Chapter 4 Theory of Teorell, Meyer and Sievers (TMS theory)
    Chapter 5 Irreversible thermodynamics
    Chapter 6 Overall mass transport
    Chapter 7 Concentration polarization
    Chapter 8 Water dissociation
    Chapter 9 Current density distribution
    Chapter 10 Hydrodynamics
    Chapter 11 Limiting current density
    Chapter 12 Leakage
    Chapter 13 Energy consumption
    Chapter 14 Membrane deteriorationApplicationsChapter 1 Elecreodialysis
    Chapter 2 Electrodialysis reversal
    Chapter 3 Bipolar membrane electrodialysis
    Chapter 4 Electro-deionization
    Chapter 5 Electrolysis
    Chapter 6 Diffusion dialysis
    Chapter 7 Donnan dialysis
    Chapter 8 Energy conversion


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