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Introduction to Research

Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies

Bridge the gap between research and practice with DePoy and Gitlin's Introduction to Research: Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies, 4th Edition. This completely updated, user-friendly text helps you better understand not only the research process, but also research designs and their applications to the real world of clinical practice. Covering multiple research strategies (including both qualitative and quantitative research), it gives you a balanced approach to various research traditions, addressing emerging key issues in today's health care environment.

Book, 384 Pages

Published: October 2010

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09505-1


  • Part I: Introduction

    1. Research as an important way of knowing

    2. Essentials of research

    Part II: Thinking Processes

    3. Philosophical foundations

    4. Framing the problem

    5. Developing a knowledge base through review of the literature

    6. Theory in research

    7. Formulating research questions and queries

    8. Language and thinking processes

    Part III: Design approaches

    9. Experimental-type designs

    10. Naturalistic inquiry designs

    Part IV: Action processes

    11. Setting the boundaries of a study

    12. Protecting the boundaries

    13. Boundary setting in experimental-type designs

    14. Boundary setting in naturalistic designs

    15. Collecting information

    16. Measurement in experimental-type research

    17. Gathering information in naturalistic inquiry

    18. Preparing and organizing data

    19. Statistical analysis for experimental-type research

    20. Analysis in naturalistic inquiry

    21. Sharing research knowledge before the study

    22. Sharing research knowledge during and after the study

    Part V: Improving practice through inquiry

    23. Case study designs

    24. Reciprocal role of research & practice

    25. Stories from the field

    Appendix: Informed consent documents



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