Introduction to Electric Circuits book cover

Introduction to Electric Circuits

An Introduction to Electric Circuits is essential reading for first year students of electronics and electrical engineering who need to get to grips quickly with the basic theory. This text is a comprehensive introduction to the topic and, assuming virtually no knowledge, it keeps the mathematical content to a minimum.As with other textbooks in the series, the format of this book enables the student to work at their own pace. It includes numerous worked examples throughout the text and graded exercises, with answers, at the end of each section.

Undergraduate/HND electrical and electronics engineers; all engineering students. Also of interest to undergraduates in physics and other sciences.

Paperback, 264 Pages

Published: September 1995

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-63198-0


  • Well written and well presented... I would strongly recommend this book.,International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education,


  • Units and dimensions * Electric circuit elements * DC circuit analysis * Single phase AC circuits * Resonance * Nodal and mesh analysis * Transient analysis * Two-port networks * Duals and analogues * Index.


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